- What's under the hood of this Mustang?

This Mustang Has A Hidden Surprise Under The Bonnet!

A Ferrari powered Mustang!

2y ago


By Phil Bradley

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas always throws up some interesting cars, and with this year's event now over, it was no exception to the rule. Amongst the many cars at the show, was this 1968 Ford Mustang.

With Mustangs, it's difficult for tuners to create something unique, since there are so many custom Mustangs out there, but American Legends in Phoenix, Arizona have managed to step it up at bit. One of the builders at American Legends had owned this Mustang for 14 years, and after seeing what was on offer at SEMA, he wanted to take things to the next level.

This year, Tony returns with a Ferrari powered Mustang! Named the 'Corrupt Mustang', the engine has come from a wrecked Ferrari F430, a 4.3L, V8 Italian workhorse. The tuners have then added twin turbos from Nelson Racing. They haven't tested the car on a dyno yet, but are hoping for something close to 700BHP!

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