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    This mysterious lifted 911 prototype could be the Safari version we all needed

    Admit it, you like a rugged 911, and you want one too

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    Towards the end of 1986, it was a sad time for rally fans. Why? Because Porsche has officially pulled out the off-road rallying scene, with the Rothman's 953 being the last of its kind leaving the gates of Stuttgart, while having automotive icons such as the 959 Rallye under their belt.

    Over the years, both third-party companies and Porsche themselves had been busy working on rally cars, but the majority were intended for on-road events or not for public use, or both. Take the Marc Duez 911 GT3 Rally and Cayman GT4 Rallye as an example. Good if you are an immensely rich motorsport participant, bad if you are the average Joe like most of us.

    However, that may change for good to us mortals. No, not Porsche joining the sport again, but instead making something very close to a modern incarnation of the legendary 953 rally car, which essentially is a modified 930-gen 911 for off-road purposes, but instead this time for the average dentist to just pop by the Porsche dealer to purchase one and drive home in. Looking at the photos below, you can see the white cladding bolted onto the fenders of the early prototype as well as the extra height given to the car overall during its testing out at the Nürburgring.

    A Safari 911 from factory has been in the rumours for a while now within the Porsche fanbase, but now, this seems ever more likely to be a dream come true for all of us, because what other benefits could the silly height extensions as well as the not-so-aerodynamic cladding bring apart from making one of the coolest and 'go-anywhere' 911s to come out the factory?

    Or another possibility is that Porsche's focus groups have gone mad and decide to pull a Mitsubishi/Ford move - give the 911 a crossover breed. At least the impracticalities of a rear-engine setup will make this a highly unlikely move, but one that will haunt the minds of purists and enthusiasts. Forever.

    I'm quite excited for the result of this.

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    • I'd like to see him enter the production, but I still think that Porsche isn't the best choice for rallying

        1 month ago


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