- Another Lamborghini targeted!

This Needs To Stop!

1y ago


Just a few days ago we saw one skateboarder going over an Audi R8 in USA. It was being reported that the local police in that region have initiated a process to catch the perpetrator. But that news does not seem to have caused any fear in the minds of the people who keep on doing this for a few seconds of internet fame.

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video by : @dailydrivenexotics

As you can see from the above video, a cyclist tries to drive over a stunning Lamborghini Gallardo Performante. He stomps on the bonnet and lands on the windshield during the first attempt and retreats. The misery for the Lambo owner does not end there and the cyclist returns back to do it again. However, this time the cyclist tastes instant karma as he lands on his face!

The source of this video is unclear as well as the location where it took place. The video abruptly ends as soon as the cyclist crash lands. We will update you about this incident as soon as there is any concrete information!