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This New 'Murica-Mobile Is a Cross Between a Truck, a Tank, And a Snowmobile

2y ago


If there's anything we Americans are really good at, it's taking one big thing and mashing it together with another big thing to create a completely new and ludicrous big thing. We rock at that. If there is ever an American James Bond, this would be his car. Or at least one of the variations of his car.

This example of automotive insanity is the work of GMC. They took a Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab pickup truck, removed the wheels, replaced each on with miniature tracks, and popped a bunch of stuff on like extra lights, snowboard racks, and bigger speakers (bcause if the whole town can't hear your music, it's not loud enough).

Powering this monstrosity is a 6.6L V8 diesel engine producing 445 BHP and...wait for it...910 LB/FT of torque. That puts this thing on nearly Bugatti Chiron levels (1,180 LB/FT). Basically it has enough torque to spin the world backwards.

The truck will be on display throughout the ski season at Vail, Colorado. GMC has made it clear that this is just a concept, and it doesn't sound like they're preparing to do anything beyond that. Either way, it exists and it's crazy.



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