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This new one-off Pagani Zonda is fantastic

The Zonda doesn't want to die

1y ago

20 years after its release, the Pagani Zonda continues to live on unique orders from wealthy customers. The latest model is the Pagani Zonda Zun and it is certainly one of the most incredible unique Zonda. The Zonda Zun was unveiled in June with very attractive drawings. Since then, the car has left the production site.

Its owner has taken delivery and the car has been seen on the streets of London. It is via a video that we can see the famous Zonda at night, in all its splendour. This Zonda is distinguished from the others by its specific bright purple paint. It is originally a Zonda F Roadster that has been modified.

The Zonda Zun has received a custom hood, very impressive new air intakes and a particularly impressive carbon fibre shark fin. The rear wing also seems to have grown in size compared to other Zonda models. The cabin also stands out with purple air vents, a purple gearshift lever and purple trim as well.

No technical information has been released about the Zonda Zun. It should probably be equipped with the same 7.3L V12 engine as the other 760hp Zonda models. Despite its advanced age, the Zonda continues to live thanks to wealthy customers and this unique model is certainly not the last one.

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Comments (4)

  • At this point they need to stop saying β€œthis is the last zonda” and just keep making them. They will always find someone who will buy them and they can do incredible one offs like this one

      1 year ago
  • I love it

      1 year ago
  • Gr8 article. Purple pain. The name is terrible, zun

      1 year ago
  • Looks amazing, is amazing, but the heck is that name

      1 year ago