This new supercar originally created TOO MUCH downforce – Gordon Murray's T.50S

1900kg was far too much, and 1500kg is still LOADS

7w ago

The road-going T.50 was game-changing with its fan car technology. And now we have a racing version, upping downforce, power and grip to make this T.50S a true track weapon.

I've dived into the engineering of this track supercar, including a chat with the man himself – Professor Gordon Murray.

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Comments (4)

  • Awesome looking car. Hands down.

      1 month ago
  • How are there, heretofore, only 3 comments on the article about the revealing of a 852 kg, 700 hp V12 supercar on a petrolhead's petrolhead website?

      1 month ago
  • IMO it still looks like the real successor of the McLaren F1. And that's a great thing!

      1 month ago
  • To much downforce is in my experience is not a great thing on some cars on some tracks

      1 month ago