This new tech from Mercedes will surely blow your mind

Recent patent filings have revealed that Merc's working on a system that will deflate tyres in emergency situations

8w ago

Carmakers are filing numerous patents nearly everyday to secure their innovations. While some of the tech in patent filings makes it to the actual cars, some remains stored only in the applications. A recent patent filing by Mercedes is quite simple and mind blowing at the same time and it looks like it could make its way into road cars sooner rather than later.

At the time of an emergency situation, high air pressure in a car's tyres leads to a bigger accident. In order to combat this, Mercedes is working on a system that will deflate a car's tyres in an emergency.

When the tyre pressure will be low, then the car will have more rolling resistance and friction which will in turn balance the car and prevent it from going out of control.

The tyre pressure will be released with the help of an air release valve. To stop the car from having very low pressure in its tyres, Mercedes will initially implement this system on just one wheel of its testing car and then put it on all four tyres.

While this system has been built with electric cars and hybrids in mind, we are told that it could make its way to ICE cars as well. If this system passes all the testing and is put into road cars, then we reckon road accidents and situations of cars going out of control could reduce.

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