- Photo credits LePetitPrince_33 Reddit account

This Nissan 350Z could have been in a Star Wars episode

When passion has no limits!

4w ago

When you love a film, you often buy merchandise related to that film to prolong the passion at home. But only the real enthusiasts make their own items in order to differentiate themselves from the small amateurs, the ultimate goal being to become part of a real community of fans.

This is the case of the owner of this heavily modified Nissan 350Z who is nothing less than a Star Wars fanatic. Where to start? The first thing to note on the rear of the vehicle is the head of the droid R2-D2 surrounded by two imposing reactors that should drastically increase the top speed of the Japanese coupe.

The whole body is painted in several colours with visible joints reminiscent of the emblematic spaceships of George Lucas' films. There are also antennas on each side, complemented by a pair of laser cannons on the doors. The wheels are made of full rims with a futuristic and aerodynamic look.

Finally, the number plate begins with "Obi" in reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi, an iconic character from the saga. Spotted on Interstate 5 in Orange County, California, the car is owned by Shawn Crosby, a true fan with a deep passion for Star Wars.

Photo credits LePetitPrince_33 Reddit account

Photo credits LePetitPrince_33 Reddit account

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