This “one-off” Citroen Type H Camper needs a little care and attention

This rare and under-appreciated 1950s classic will be auctioned soon.

17w ago

Many people like to think of the Citroen Type H as the world’s first cargo van, often comparing it to the Stout Scarab. The Stout is widely regarded as the world’s first minivan however the idea never took off simply because the Scarab was ahead of its time. Like the Stout, the Citroen was one of the first ever vehicles of its kind however unlike the Stout, it was a tremendous success.

Having sold over 500,000 examples of the Type H, Citroen profited hugely thanks to its cargo van. Unsurprisingly, not many Type Hs are on the road today and finding an example which was bodied outside the factory is practically impossible - this is why the example set to be auctioned is being labelled as a “one-off”.

This particular example was commissioned by Mr. Charlie, owner of a successful company in Lyon. Charlie wanted a vehicle which he could treat as an office on wheels. The camper also came with a matching trailer so he could transport his tools across France.

This unique Type H is incredibly different to the standard vehicle. The man who designed it, Jean Barou, fitted the camper with a panoramic Plexiglass roof, gas stove, fridge, sink, and toilet. And when designing the exterior, it is clear that Barou was inspired by the American jet age design trend which is part of the reason as to why this Type H looks so ahead of its time.

The vehicle is due to be auctioned soon.

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