This one-off Ferrari 599 GTO is absolute stunner

*The car isn’t a one-off, the livery is

Here’s a question that’s guaranteed to spark a pub debate with glasses flying all over the place: front-engined v mid-engined, what is the best layout if you want… a car that looks good? I personally believe, generally speaking, front-engined cars are inherently better-looking than mid- or rear-engined cars. Mainly because the long bonnet gives them a slender, sleek look that mid-engined cars can’t achieve.

I’m now ready for the inevitable stream of heated comments but please take a minute to take a look at this Dubai- registered 599 GTO.

The 599 is a good-looking car. Partly because it looks larger and imposing in person, partly because of the unique shape of the headlamps and partly because it has a bonnet the size of North Macedonia.

This particular model is finished in Blu Abu Dhabi with a one-off 250 GTO-inspired heritage livery and it also features a yellow nose section and mirrors, and yellow brake calipers. It has the XX wings from the 599 XX race car on its B-pillars, and the Italian tricolore on the end endplates is the icing on the cake.

The blue carbon bucket seats are upholstered in Charcoal Alcantara with yellow accents, as is the rest of the cabin including the door panels, the centre console and the dashboard. The Italian tricolore is also present and accounted for, located on the paddle shifters.

Under the blue bonnet, lies a 6.0-litre V12, capable of putting out 661 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. Zero-to-sixty is over with and done in just 3.3 seconds and this blue bullet will keep on accelerating all the way to its 208 mph top speed.

It ain’t subtle but it needn‘t be. Which brings us back to the original question:

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Comments (7)

  • Its the ikea livery

      11 days ago
  • The look doesn't do it for me...............looks like it had collision work, and they have only slapped on the new front bumper cover and mirrors. Sorry, but that's the gut reaction it provides.

      10 days ago
  • Whenever you call a hideous car beautiful, I remember you once posted a picture of you in LA with socks of questionable taste.

      11 days ago
  • It has been well documented that my favorite car ever built is the mighty Ferrari F40. That's mid-engine. Other cars may be sleeker, more elegant, better proportioned, call it what you will- but i doubt any car will ever surpass the F40... At least, in my mind.

      11 days ago
  • Did it eat a 2cv? Someone hand that car a napkin.

      11 days ago