- The 1967 Porsche 911 4-Door showing off the rear suicide doors.

This one-off Porsche 911 has four doors.

This four door 911 was made as a gift to a Texans wife? Here's how it came to be.

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By 1966, the 911 had already made an impression on to the world of cars. It was a major success for the automaker. It wasn't enough for one man however.

Here we are introduced to the Texan that made this strange one-off happen. His name, William Dick. His profession, distributing VW and Porsche models to Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. He had enjoyed driving Ferrari's, and Maserati's, but he wanted a more practical car. This being a sedan version of the 911, which he wanted to give to his wife, Hester.

He had his general manager go to Europe to find an indepedent designer willing to make it. However he would have to go west to LA instead to have this vision come to life. He would go to coachbuilder Dick Troutman, and mechanical engineer Tom Barnes (of the coachbuilder T&B) about the car. They agreed to build it.

In December of 1966, an early production 911S was delivered to Troutman and Barnes, and they immediately went to work. A metalsmith, Emil Diedt, went straight to removing the roof and extending the platform by 21 inches (55.3 centimeters), just before the B-Pillar. This would lead to a 108-inch (2,743mm) wheelbase.

Then a stylist, Chuck Pelly, skecthed out new lines for the car with plywood and sheet metal, in the same way one would design a prototype set to make its racing debut in a few months. Pelly would then redesign the front fenders, which lead to the headlights laying farther back on the body, alongsider other changes.

It would be near completion in August 1967, when two new factory Porsche options were added. The famous Fuch wheels, and the Sportomatic transmission. Dick would also ask to have the car be painted green. It would be delivered to Hester Dick around December 1967. It's total cost was estimated to be around $20,000 USD ($153,530 USD in 2020).

The 1967 Porsche 911 4-Door in its original green color, as requested by William Dick.

The 1967 Porsche 911 4-Door in its original green color, as requested by William Dick.

Supposedly the car had found itself on the Porsche Supervisory Board in the summer of 1968, as it was considered for the viability for a four door model of the 911. Porsche had hired Sergio Farina of the coachbuilder Carrozzeria Pininfarina to develop the idea, called the 911/B17. It would never make it, and would be replaced by the much more successful 928 project.

From that point on, its location is currently unknown. Though it was repainted brown at some point after.

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  • Amazing! I love the idea of suicide doors on a Porsche

      2 months ago
  • Panamera.

      2 months ago
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  • It’s probably locked away in the special warehouse that houses many former Porsche race cars, prototypes, and one-offs. If not, and if it has survived, it would be worth a fortune. Cheers!

      2 months ago
  • It’s called panarema

      2 months ago