- A pizza making pickup truck! - Image from Pizza Hut

This Pickup Truck Makes Pizzas While Driving!

42w ago


By Phil Bradley

Toyota and Pizza Hut have team up to bring fresher pizza to your door faster than ever, and what's fresher than a pizza being made right at your front door? This is the next best thing.

Pizza making robots! - Image from Pizza Hut

This Toyota Tundra is a mobile pizza oven. Dubbed the PIE Pro, the pickup has been heavily modified and had a pizza oven, fridge and pizza boxes all installed in the rear of the vehicle. Among these appliances, are little pizza making robots that remove a prepared pizza dough from the fridge and place it on a conveyor belt. Here, the Pizza is transported through the oven, cut into eight slices and placed into a box. The whole process takes around 7 minutes!

The Toyota isn't a normal pickup either. The Japanese manufacturer have swapped out the engine in favour for a Toyota Mirai powertrain, meaning that this pickup is powered by hydrogen.

Fresh pizza in 7 minutes! - Image from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut don't know if the vehicle will actually be used in deliveries yet. Let's face it, even if it does bring fresher pizzas to your door, it doesn't come without it's flaws. The vehicle couldn't operate in poor weather conditions!