This Pimp My Ride Saxo could be yours for £1500

But would you actually want it?

Once in a while, something is amazing is in the classifieds. Something so outlandish you cannot help but read through the whole ad.

This phenomenon happened to me today when I spotted this gem while hunting for Saxo's. For £1500 you could have this Ex-Pimp my ride example.

The dilapidated old Citroen was transformed on the polish pimp my ride. the car got the standard "improvements" of big allow wheels and a slightly mad airbrush paint job. But compared to the inside that is just the beginning...

Yellow and green team to make a disgusting combination. Teamed with an EasyJet orange shift knob the interior looks sufficiently revolting to make sure this is genuine pimp my ride quality.

The car came with some intriguing features, like a Coca-cola zero branded cooler and a fold-out DVD player in the dash. notably, there are two huge amps powering some speakers, which while could be used for the radio, is also connected to the touch drum pad in the boot. Yes, you can use this Saxo as a drum kit at your next gig.

Truly a versatile product.

The car has just under 119,000 miles, comes with 2 keys and has paperwork to boot

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