This Porsche 356 restomod is an awesome combination of vintage Porsche parts

Commissioned by musician John Oates and build by Emory Motorsports this Porsche 356 brings together all the best parts from vintage Porsches

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Commissioned by musician John Oates and build by Emory Motorsports this 1960 Porsche 356 restomod brings together all the best parts from vintage Porsches.

Emory Motorsport started out with a damaged 1960 356B cabriolet with a hardtop, they then replaced the damaged nose with an earlier A model nose and bumpers. The nose, windshield and roof were 'leaned' backwards for a sleeker more streamlined look.

Other bodywork modifications include removal of the hood-handle, and body-mounted driving lights, and reverse-louvred engine cover.

In the back seats, the 'Outlaw-4' based on the 3.6 litre 911 type 964 engine but designed in-house by Emory and Rothsport Racing as a 4 cylinder incorporating best features from 3 different iterations of the 911. In this case it displaced 2.4 litres, it's fed air via some sexy ITB's and sports a 911 sport muffler.

The engine is mated to an early 911 901l aluminium-case 5-speed manual gearbox delivering the 200hp to the 16-inch billet alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires.

Handling is taken care of via more 911 parts, namely the rear independent suspension with trailing arms, while Koni shocks take care of the ride comfort. With a dry weight of just 839kg the car will should a be a real lightweight canyon carver, the 4-wheel disc brakes should help with that.

Interior is pure vintage car porn, the vintage-style racing seats with clad in Hydes Cognac leather, there is a vintage Derrington steering wheel behind which sits Porsche 904-style triple gauge cluster. A removable roll-bar and Emory custom gear shift knob complete the look.

Emory Motorsports has got quite a few years of experience re-building 356's since 1996, and have build 170 356 and 911 models they call 'Outlaws'. I would encourage any Porsche fan who don't already know them to pay their site a visit, even if you can't afford their services the stories and info available is amazing.


What do you think? Restomod or keeping it stock? Let us know below!


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Comments (2)

  • went to his shop during the March Literature Swap.

    Amazing work and lots of chassis sitting around waiting.

      1 year ago
  • I follow Rod on Instagram @rodemory. Amazing guy and equally amazing vehicles. I just wish I could afford one 😢.

      1 year ago