This Porsche 356A on tracks and skis is about to drive across Antarctica

Valkyrie Racing has teamed up with Tuthill Porsche to produce this epic machine

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Driving across Antarctica is no easy task, in fact, you often need a big pickup truck or SUV to do the task in. But, not this woman who has chosen a classic Porsche but for one very simple reason.

In recent years, philanthropist Renee Brinkerhoff has been busy racking up close to 20,000 miles over six continents in a classic Porsche 356A in the form of ‘Valkyrie Racing’. This massive adventure is to support a non-profit called Valkyrie Gives that focuses on ending child trafficking.

After all this driving, there is still one continent left for Brinkerhoff to tackle: Antarctica. Her one big issue is that the rally-prepped air-cooled Porsche he has been driving isn't quite good enough. So, his 356A has undergone an 18-month transformation and the results are staggering.

In order to build this, Valkyrie Racing teamed up with extreme explorer Kieron Bradley and Tuthill Porsche, the British company known for its work with classic 911 rally cars, to transform this old Porsche.

As you can see, all the wheels have gone, and in their place are a set of skis at the front and tracks at the rear.

The skis are attached to special brace bars and can be controlled using the car’s original steering system. Combined with the tracks at the rear, the vehicle’s “flotation” over thick snow is said to be 300 per cent better than an Antarctic 4x4 support vehicle with wheels and chunky 42-inch tyres.

However, this isn't all they have done to this 356A. Other modifications include twin solar panels providing up to 150W, survival equipment, a four-tonne bag jack to lift the 356 if it gets stuck in soft snow, a 12-volt compressor, a substantial roll cage and a “rear window exit option”.

To help Brinkerhoff along the way, she will be joined by navigator Jason de Carteret, a polar exploration world record holder. So, what they will do is drive 356 miles (nice number) across the empty Antarctic landscape, to then try and set a land speed record on the Union Glacier Blue-Ice Runway.

This treacherous endeavour will take place at some point this December and anyone donating $356 or more will have their name written on the inside of the bonnet and will be sent a commemorative hat.

If you'd like to donate, check out the link below:

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  • What a great looking thing. Nothing like a good old fashioned adventure.

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  • I hope they make it safely. That is a very dangerous journey. Great cause 👏👍 those trafficking bastards should all be publicly executed.

      4 days ago
  • Why do the front wheels need discs?

      3 days ago
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      4 days ago
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