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    This Porsche 944 Turbo might upset purists, but it still looks like a great buy

    And tomorrow it could be yours as it's set to cross the auction block in Las Vegas.

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    Porsche purists may wish to cover their eyes as this rather uniquely modified 944 Turbo that's just about to be sold at auction mightn't be one to their tastes – although it must be said that this thing still looks like rather a good buy anyway.

    Set to be auctioned off tomorrow by Mecum Auctions at its annual two-day event in Las Vegas that commences today, November 13, this Type 951 might feature some questionable modifications but it's been fitted with plenty that might even get even the die-hard purists salivating.

    The most questionable modification of all would have to be the headlights as a set of fixed projector beams have been installed in place of the original pop-up units – a perhaps strange decision, given the recent return to popularity pop-ups have seen.

    Similarly, the one-off three-piece wheels might also raise a few eyebrows among those who aren't fans of bling, and a look under the bonnet reveals a sea of red accents that some may consider over-the-top.

    Look past the cosmetic elements though, and this 944 Turbo is actually quite a find and boasts a few desirable traits.

    Having been subject to a body-off restoration just 165 miles ago, kept in climate-controlled storage since, and still with the original owner, it's safe to say the condition it's in is pretty impeccable – something a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and restoration documentation clearly asserts, too.

    Look past the red accents under the bonnet and its numbers-matching engine has been fittingly hot-rodded. Blueprinted, bored and stroked, and fitted with Porsche titanium pistons and a host of Lindsey Racing pieces to boot, it's safe to say the changes under the bonnet are ones that are definitely welcome.

    It's an interesting build, that's for sure, and one that could be yours if you happen to place a bid on it when it goes up for auction in Las Vegas tomorrow, November 14.

    For now, let us know though...

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    Comments (14)

    • It's great except those headlights. That can be fixed. The engine bay looks tight. The interior actually pretty decent. Paint and wheels look nice. But I guess the updated lighting works much better. Mixed bag but doable.

        11 days ago
      • You've pretty much nailed my own thoughts on it, David. The headlights are the real let-down with it, and personally I'm not the biggest fan of chrome wheels although the wheel design itself is nice. As you say though, all able to be fixed and...

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          11 days ago
      • You got it. The simple reversion and revision you suggest are perfect.

          11 days ago
    • Looks okay actually. Have seen far worse together with non Porsche’s trying to be Porsche’s.

        11 days ago
    • Im purist but this One is acceptable

        11 days ago
      • 11 days ago
    • Ugly as wrinkled tit on a fat grandma

        2 days ago


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