This Porsche replica is convincing no one

Definitely not a Pontiac Fiero. Oh no

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The modification business is a brave one. You’re not just giving a unique personality to the car, you’re adding an element that’s either meant to make the car perform better or look better. However, you don't just modify your car to stow it away in the garage. You have to drive it as well, past actual people, strolling along the streets. And therein lies the problem.

In most cases, your modification will attract two emotions. "Wow" and "Why?". Within these two emotions, you’ll know whether you’ve done a splendid job or cocked up, big time. Which brings us to this.

NewYork Craigslist holds a rather unusual, quite possibly a world-first, proposition at the moment. Someone in Kew Gardens, NY, has put up an ad for a highly-yet-half-heartedly modded car. It's a Porsche. It's a Pontiac. It's a... Pontiorsche?

Maybe the owner wanted to please his or her more exotic friends, who have a single-lane car park, by showcasing just the front end. Why else would you restyle the front to resemble a Porsche Boxster while retaining the rear end of the 1988 Pontiac Fiero? If you can’t bear the face, there are GT2 RS decals right above the side sills, supposed-quad-exhausts and Porsche branding on the rear bumper.

Powering this ‘custom car’ is its standard 2.8 V6 engine, coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. Fortunately, the seller is said to have the 140hp-when-new engine rebuilt: implying the core of the engine remains the same with only the worn-out components getting replaced.

The entire clutch mechanism, including the master clutch cylinder and the slave cylinder, is new. The same goes for the brakes with components like the brake booster, discs/rotors, calipers, brakes and brake lines brand new. Much needed when you’re nearing a social enthusiast meetup in a carpark.

As per the seller, the car “RUNS AND DRIVES EXCELLENT”. Maybe because he must’ve been driving on deserted roads. The odometer on this rear-wheeled-drive car clocks at 156000 miles, as shown on the original, standard and untouched instrument panel.

The leather seats look decent, and so does the centre console. Too bad it also doesn’t have either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in there. There goes another point.

The price quoted by the owner is a ‘FIRM’ $4,800 (or £3,673), so probable owners are expected to bargain. Now all you need is a credible to the question "why?".

Build your own

If you're not able to get to New York to throw your money at this beauty, maybe you'll get inspiration from this book — 101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster. Although we're not sure "make it look like a Pontiac Fiero" is one of the chapters.

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  • My eyes...

    Posting an original Boxster for the sake of your eyes, thank me later.

      1 year ago
  • Or you can buy a 968 boxter for the same price 😂

      1 year ago
  • It looks like it was built by 3 different people, one did the front, then one did the middle and the third one did the back.......... lol

      1 year ago
  • Why is it titled a Boxter replica when it’s clearly a normal 996 GT2. A very SD 996

      1 year ago
  • I like this stuff, it's querky and funny. A good laugh

      1 year ago