This POV Ferrari crash at a track day will make you wince


6w ago

Track days, while fun, can also be incredibly dangerous. In racing, one tiny mistake can result in much larger consequences. This Ferrari 458 is the culprit of one of these and it didn't end too well for the car.

This Ferrari 458 was driving around the Circuito de Jarama near Madrid, Spain when its brakes weren't initiated in time and the car went straight into the barriers and flipped over. Thankfully both passengers walked away with no serious injuries, but the car is totalled.

Onboard footage of this crash was posted to Instagram via Supercar Fails and the impact noise will be ringing in your ears for the rest of the day.

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Comments (12)

  • At least he was on a track and not idiot in a Mustang flipping into my front yard.

      1 month ago
  • When you think forza physics are real...

      1 month ago
  • Wtf was that line through the corner? Does the guy think this is Forza?

      1 month ago
  • You can see what happened. There was a much slower car in the braking zone and on the racing line approaching the corner. Our driver thought, erroneously as it turns out, that he could pass on the inside at that speed. Easy to see in hindsight I guess, but he didn’t have time for sufficient braking to take the inside line. He should have accepted that he’d have to slow and take the corner behind the other car. The other driver really should have come off the racing line to allow the pass, but he didn’t. I’ve never been to a track day but I assume there are cars doing all sorts of different speeds and I don’t know what the protocols are. Anyway it’s a shame about the car, but it was nice to hear the driver talking afterwards.

      1 month ago
  • Just below the sign "Desguaces El Choque"...(scrapyard "The crash")

      1 month ago