This Puritalia Berlinetta Is The McLaren P1 Of GT Cars

32w ago


Puritalia is a young automotive design company based in Italy. Its first venture into the motoring market was with the Puritalia 427 Roadster, a V8 powered MX-5 rival with somewhat bold looks Which was released in 2015.

After 4 years of inactivity from the company, the 2019 Geneva Motorshow is where their next car will be unveiled. However, as we’ve all been very good and patient, we have been given some shots of the car a few days early.

The car will feature a 730bhp 5.0-litre V8 under the bonnet coupled to a 212bhp electric motor at the rear of the car. That’s a total of 951bhp and 1248Nm of torque all going to the rear wheels. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will. The car will also allow you to put even more power to the floor for 45 seconds similar to the KERS system that they call the “eMozione” switch. All that power will send the car to 60 from standstill in 2.7 seconds and keep it going until 208mph.

Much like a Fisker, this hybrid GT is designed to utilize technology as best as possible. Therefore, the car will be able to run on electric power only. Although, with a 12.4-mile range, there’s no reason to do so as that won’t even get the driver all the way down their driveway. In fact, the 150 examples will set you back $553,350 each so if you get this car, I’ll bet you have a whopping house as well.

Made from a carbon tub and body, the Berlinetta is extremely light and has a 50/50 weight distribution so although it’s a GT cruiser, it would just as well suit the track.

What do I think:

I love the idea of a hybrid GT/supercar and with nearly 1000 horsepower, you won’t be beaten at the lights anytime soon. However, the styling is somewhat Marmite-like to me. I think many people could love them as they throwback to the golden years of Italian motoring whilst remaining fresh and modern. However, to me it looks like a 1000-piece puzzle put together by a toddler that doesn’t quite know what it’s doing. The front end looks like an ant, the side profile feels like a copy-paste of the Mercedes AMG GT and the rear seems to be the rear lights from a Saturn Sky Roadster photoshopped to a Jag F-Type. These are all good things but putting them together is a bad idea.

As for the interior though, it looks simple and elegant which very much contrasts with the exterior. Much like Teslas, the centre console is a massive touch-screen allowing the driver to control all they wish. Behind the leather and aluminium steering wheel, a large digital display shows how expensive your speeding fine will be and how hard the engine is working.

I like the use of aluminium on parts of the interior as it represents a more luxurious alternative to the sporty carbon-fibre. Although, being a carbon tub, you still get to see the weave show itself on the dashboard.

Do you agree with me? Or am I ridiculous? Let me know in the comments…

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