This Range Rover Driver Thinks They Can Do Whatever They Want

1y ago


Before you watch this video just be warned that you'll be sent into a rage. You'll be angry, not just at the thought of the Range Rover driver ruining the day of other drivers, but also at the fact that this entitled idiotic driver will probably go on to drive other fancy cars and continue to make other motorists miserable.

This ridiculous driver needs to be kept off the roads before they potentially get other people hurt. There are many driving etiquette, laws, and rules-of-the-road for a reason, some are more "breakable" than others. But swinging a huge right and then left to flip-a-bitch, in the middle of a very busy intersection is totally wrong and careless. Unfortunately, the dashcam driver had to suffer because of this idiot's reckless move.

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Comments (19)
  • The guy that ran into him is not less of a moron.

    1 year ago
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  • Some people just don't think at all.

    1 year ago


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