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This Real Bugatti is a $33,000 EV for Rich Kids, and You Should Buy it

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Bugatti is still celebrating its 110th birthday. They already 'gifted us' with the beautifully painted Chiron '110Ans edition', then with a reincarnation of the La Voiture Noire, which is the best car ever made, and now they are bringing yet another car from the past - the Bugatti Baby II.

Looks tiny

What is this? A Bugatti for ants?

The original Baby was a 1:2 scaled down version of the Type 35, Bugatti's most successful racing car ever, and it was Ettore's gift to his youngest son Roland, for his fourth birthday. However, what was intended to be a one-off electric 'toy' soon turned into a real model - the Bugatti Baby.

Roland Bugatti. The coolest kid in the world

Visitors and prospective Bugatti buyers were so impressed by the little car, they wanted one as well, and Ettore sold around 500 of these between 1927 and 1936. These days you can't consider yourself a true Bugatti collector if you don't have the Baby as well.

Baby II is not just for kids anymore. It's for Richard Hammond too!

The resurrected Baby II has now grown in size, up to three-quarters of the original Type 35, which means adults can have a go in it as well. Adults like... Richard Hammond.

Original Baby and Baby II

Again, it is rear-wheel-drive and battery powered, but also comes with some modern features like limited slip differential, powerful headlights, modern brakes, regenerative braking, and removable battery.

Inside you will find a signature aluminium dashboard, leather seats, and Type 35's distinctive four-spoke steering wheel and instruments.

There are two power modes available: a 1kW 'child mode' with a limited top speed of 20km/h, and a 4kW 'adult mode' with the top speed raised to 45km/h. But if you are feeling brave you can order a special 'Speed Key' that unlocks full 10kW power and removes any speed limiter.

All this sounds like a recipe for the most exciting go-kart in the world!

It's properly Bugatti exclusive

Just like with the Baby from 1926, only 500 Bugatti Baby II will be built, so better place your order now. Each model will feature its own plaque displaying its unique chassis number, a badge made of 50g of solid silver, like on the Chiron, and for all models ordered in 2019, a special ''110 Ans Bugatti' commemorative badge.

I would buy it

Haters will say that it's just a toy, and for the money, you can have the MX-5, which is a real car. But this is a real Bugatti, and I'm surprised it doesn't cost even more.

Plus, it's great. It's larger now so it can fit adults too (shorter ones), it's loads of fun and just think of the investment potential. When these sell out, which should be any moment now, the prices will soar like a diabetics sugar level after he's had a cake!

Just imagine a whiny spoiled rich kid bothering his billionaire father to buy him a Bugatti. Sure, I'll sell you mine, for $200,000. Let me know if you want it. In the meantime, I'll be on the go-kart track, having the time of my life.

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