This remembrance F-Type has won the UK's top wrap award

The 'Poppy Car' is a joint project from Mission Motorsport, Jaguar Land Rover and The Royal British Legion to help mark the launch of the Poppy Appeal.

The Poppy Appeal is the annual remembrance of fallen service men and women killed in conflict. People wishing give support donate money to the appeal and wear a poppy on their clothing. The poppy is a poignant symbol of the First World War, where they were found growing over the graves of fallen soldiers.

Poppy sellers posing with the Poppy Car

The poppy-themed Jaguar F-Type SVR has been designed to help the wounded, injured and sick service personnel of the British Armed Forces. Mission Motorsport is a charity that helps give jobs to ex-service men and women in the automotive industry. So far, they've helped give 1500 jobs with 954 of them coming from Jaguar Land Rover.

Mission Motorsport staff working on the car's unique wrap

Designed and wrapped by ex-servicemen Lance Corporal Chris Read, Guardsman Chris Walker, Private Dan Elliott, Lance Corporal Francis Stokes and Sergeant Major David Turnbull, all of whom were medically discharged from service and have received support from Mission Motorsport.

The Poppy Car ready to launch on a runway

The design process was painstaking. The veterans found themselves going back to the drawing board several times, but the final results were breathtaking. The wrap changes colour in the light, where the words from the poem 'In Flanders Fields' can be seen running through the design. It's a poignant reminder as to what the UK and her allies have lost over the years as a result of war.

The team's well-deserved award

The Poppy Car has won the Vehicle Graphics 2018 Special Achievement Award at the British Signs Awards. This is well deserved as this year marks the centenary of the Armistice. The Jag will then go on to the Forces' Motorsport Charity's annual Race of Remembrance at Anglesey Circuit on the 9-11 November 2018, where it will lead the grid as the official safety car for the event.

CEO James Cameron said: “At Mission Motorsport, our aim is to provide a stepping stone for our ex-service men and women to get back into day-to-day life away from the battlefield. Race, retrain and ‘re-cover’, our livery department is ecstatic that despite fantastic competition the Poppy Car won the Vehicle Wrap of the Year. An amazing achievement for those involved and reflects the emotion, hard work and dedication that went into making such a remarkable car.”

Veterans and charity staff on track with the special safety car

The Poppy Car has had a busy year so far. It started on stage at the International Autosport Show at the NEC. It then went on to visit all the Recovery Centres in the UK, the fiery SVR then went on to tour battlefields and gave beneficiaries a chance to run the 575 horsepower F-Type up to 180 mph at the VMax 200 event at Kendrew Barracks.

The Poppy Car sandwiched between two Mission Motorsport F-Types

Sunday 11th November 2018 will mark 100 years since the guns fell silent on the First World War.

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