This restored Lamborghini Miura SVR could quickly become your favourite car ever

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When it comes to virtually priceless classic cars, the Italians have the market pretty much sorted. Ferraris with motorsport history are generally top of the heap but a stunning one-off has come to light thanks to a beautifully crafted restoration – say hello to the one-of-one Lamborghini Miura SVR.

It used to be a Miura S before being sent back to the factory by its owner and restyled, using the Miura Jota as inspiration. The main differences are obviously the racing bits like the front lip spoiler, quirky air ducting and a weirdly placed mid-rear wing.

The work took 18 months back in 1974 and the car was surprisingly sold to a customer that took it to Japan, where it accumulated a serious cult following which resulted in a Manga comic book series being based around it.

Lamborghini got hold of the car again and has used its own restoration service – Polo Storico – to bring the car back to its former glory.

Speaking about the restoration, Paolo Gabrielli from the Polo Storico division has said: “The full restoration took 19 months and required a different approach to the way we normally work. The original production sheet wasn’t of much help, as we relied mostly on the specifications from the 1974 modifications.

"The challenge for the Polo Storico team was even more daunting as the car arrived in Sant’Agata in pieces, although the parts were all there, and with considerable modifications. The only variations on the original specifications were the addition of 4-point safety belts, more supportive seats and a removable roll bar. These were expressly requested by the customer and are intended to improve safety during the car’s racetrack exhibitions.”

The original Miura is one of the prettiest pieces of automotive design ever, so I'm not massively sure as to whether the SVR's modifications actually help it in the aesthetic department. I imagine the design decisions will have been purely functional, with the lip at the front keeping the nose planted and the rear wing pushing the rear tyres into the tarmac to some degree.

Is the Miura a car that should go racing though? Is it a car that you should be searching for more performance and grip from, to the point where you make modifications as drastic as this? I'm not so sure but let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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