This retro-rimmed Lamborghini Aventador SV is aggressively eye-catching

R​etro-charm blended with a spaceship-akin body

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Its been a decade since the Aventador was launched, and the V12 sports car still retails and looks good as new. In its decade-old span, Lamborghini has even provided it with a healthy amount of updates and special editions, but none revolved around the retro theme in any way. Until a custom wheel manufacturer came along.

American luxury wheel manufacturer HRE Performance Wheels has done the unthinkable by fitting a set of retro-inspired wheels for the spaceship-akin sports car. Christened the 935FMR, these retro rims come finished in satin black and comprise the rim producer's Vintage Series. And in this sky blue Lambo SV, boy, do they look beautifully out of place.

Such an unforeseen marriage of rally-car wheels in a supercar like the Aventador is what might attract eyeballs and make heads turn towards the vehicle. And if you dig the idea of vintage rims but not particularly this design, HRE over a dozen styles, including five-spoke and deep-dish designs under its Vintage series of rims. Each variant priced at around the $2300 mark for each wheel.

As for the vehicle, this SV variant was the first upgrade over the standard Aventador model. It came with more aggressive styling tweaks, improved aerodynamics, less weight, more carbon fibre and as much as 50 more horsepower from the standard 6.5-litre V12 engine to put out a total of 740hp, which catapulted the car from 0-100kph in just 2.8 seconds.

While Lamborghini restricted production for the Aventador SV to just 600 units, HRE Performance Wheels have no such restrictions for its products. Though, just one question remains…..

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