This r​idiculously rare GM EV1 was found abandoned in a parking lot

O​ne of the only remaining examples of GM's failed electric car has been found in an Atlanta parking lot

1y ago

O​f all the rare vehicles the GM EV1 takes the cake, there are only a handful of them left and here's why. Back in 1996 General Motors launched their first ever electric car, the GM EV1. With a range of of just over 140 miles the EV1 was truly revolutionary, and it was praised by critics and owners alike. However, a few years after the EV1 was put on sale, GM repossessed every last one of them and proceeded to crush them all.

C​rushed EV1s

C​rushed EV1s

S​ee the thing is that GM never offered buyers to option to purchase their new EV1 outright, they could only lease the things. And once those leases were up, GM rounded them all up and crushed damn near every last one. Over 1,100 of these revolutionary cars were ever built, and you may ask yourself, why did GM crush one of their most innovative products?

W​ell it's actually quite simple, because the EV1 was built partly due to government pressure for cleaner vehicles. Furthermore, at the time the vast majority of GM's sales were in gasoiline. As a result after seeing the EV1's popularity they were keen to destroy it, simply because it had the potential to cannibalise other GM sales.

H​owever, although GM tried to get rid of every single EV1 one or two have managed to slip through the cracks, while a few remain in museums, those are supposed to be some of the only remaining EV1s.

H​owever, a few days ago Twitter user Jacob Hoyle found this abandoned EV1 in a parking garage. He has decided to keep the car's exact location undisclosed, and for good reason. Because this, may just be the rarest mass-production vehicle of all time. It would be very difficult to estimate the car's value, as a flawless EV1 traded hands for half a million dollars a few years ago.

H​owever, while the interior seems to be in mint condition, the car does not appear to have a battery pack. This can be seen due to the abnormally high front end, which suggests that the batteries had been removed at one point in time.

T​hat being said there are only 20 Ev1s reportedly left in existence, with a few having been "stolen" and some donated to schools. However, when GM donated the last few cars they bricked the drive units, so that none of these places could turn around and start driving their new presents. However, while Hoyle won't reveal the car's exact location for fear of GM coming to destroy it, this probably wouldn't happen. Chances are the car would be donated to a museum, because legally speaking GM does own the car, regardless of its location or condition.

H​owever, although the EV1 was in itself a failure, it sparked a revolution. The electric car industry would be nowhere near where it is today if it weren't for the the EV1. Even today the future-looking 90s design inspires confidence in the future of driving. And with GM going 100 percent electric soon, you have to wonder where would they be now it the EV1 had lived on?

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Comments (23)

  • Legally speaking, that car belongs to GM. That was 100% written in the Lease agreement with them. No one actually was allowed to own them but GM. And now that it’s found their lawyers and tow trucks will be there to retrieve it. Good find though!

      1 year ago
    • Every state has abandon vehicle laws. If this is a pay to park or private residence parking ramp it is owned by the parking lot company now.

        1 year ago
    • Hence why GM will bring their legal team with them. It would be considered stolen property would it not?

        1 year ago
  • The parking garage can do a lien sale and become the owner unless GM shows up at the lien sale and over bids what the parking garage is owed for unpaid parking charges. A member of the public could also show up and overbid GM for this potentially million dollar last of the operable EV-1 cars!

      1 year ago
  • Because nobody wants it.

      1 year ago
  • Did you have a stroke while trying to finish this article? Of the last 5 paragraphs, 4 of them begin with “However,” and the one that doesn’t, has a “However,” halfway through it.

    However, I’m inclined to forgive you for that because this is a great “barnfind”.

    However, you should still work on your writing.

    However, have a good day.

      1 year ago
  • It’s difficult to imagine that GM would put forth any effort to repossess it. Would be ashamed to destroy something so rare. If someone is able, he/she should put a modern battery pack in it and thumb their nose at GM. 🤪

      1 year ago