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This rock attacks all SUVs passing a little too close to it

4d ago


In Omaha, a very ordinary rock has quickly become a real local celebrity thanks to the owners of SUVs in the region, visibly eager for off-road use in a shopping centre car park. A priori, this danger is easily avoidable, but it still manages to hit some high vehicles with distracted drivers...

According to the KETV media, more than a dozen vehicles have crashed into this clearly visible rock. And the reason for this carnage is quite simple: the rock is positioned inside a tight bend on a sidewalk. Many people have had the misfortune of cutting the turn too much and eventually landing on the big block of stone.

Drivers in their high-perched vehicles would also not see the obstacle once they were near it. They then pay no attention and find themselves surprised with their wheels in the air. Fortunately, not all these drivers were injured, but despite everything, this influx of vehicles stranded on this rock does not seem to be dropping either. This is proof that people are not really careful in a car park.

These people should be even more attentive, or buy a lower vehicle... One more reason not to buy SUVs anymore? In any case, we happen to have before us a form of entertainment that could replace the defunct 11 foot 8 bridge that is currently under construction to be raised...

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Comments (12)
  • I cannot speak to European drivers but too many US drivers these days have no spatial awareness. Up until the 70’s US cars were gigantic, but people were quite adept at wheeling them around without driving over objects.

    3 days ago
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  • That’s what you get for sailing a land yacht near the rocks. The harbor master did not deploy the tugs. That rick needs a lighthouse and fog horn...

    4 days ago
    6 Bumps