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This Rolls Royce would make you feel like royalty

1w ago


There are many cars which come up for auction throughout the year but this one is rather special.

This is a 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V State Landaulet by Mulliner Park Ward and I for one am in love with it. This is the absolute epitome of class and elegance. Not only does it have a slight hint of gangster about it but I can also just picture it wallowing around British roads, doing what it does best, just being a Rolls.

Rolls Royce only made 5 of these so it's safe to say it's pretty exclusive. But who would want this? In fact, it was originally commissioned by the government of Romania. If that wasn't cool enough, her majesty the Queen used this exact car twice in Bermuda and the Cayman islands. This is a well travelled car!

The reason the queen would have used this in places such as the Cayman islands could be due to the fact this is a convertible, and some convertible this is. If I could have a Rolls Royce, it would be this one.

This one, having being used by the Queen has some perks. As you can see from the pictures, it comes with a wine cooler, air conditioning, radio, television and very cool controls (see pictures). Apart from that, it is in absolute mint condition.

I mean, that interior is absolute next level. If you consider the age of this vehicle, it's incredible. Just to prove that this is special and was used by the Queen, it has a plaque.

Unfortunately, this Rolls Royce Phantom V has been sold. It went for a whopping $445,000 (£343,909) at auction which may seem like a lot but to me this is more valuable. It's a great price and whoever bought it is a very very lucky person. This the most quintessentially British car money can buy.

Is this the most beautiful Rolls Royce you have ever seen?