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This Rotary Swapped Corvette ZO6 will Anger Many

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After many Mazdas RX-7 have fallen to the 'LS swap it' treatment, finally it was time to have the tables turned.

A popular YouTuber and car-builder Rob Dahm decided to play a vigilante/prankster by putting a rotary engine into the C5 Corvette Z06, that's the top model, and then drive it to the LS Fest in Las Vegas. Just to anger some good-old american muscle fans.

The Build

Doing the rotary swap proved to be challenging and with the LS Fest fast approaching all Rob needed was for the car to be running. It doesn't have to be the peak performance, or the neatest and tidiest setup, as long as he can drive into the LS Fest, it would count.

It is funny to see how much room is there left in the engine bay. Forget about Tesla's front trunk; this is even bigger!

At the LS Fest

And so, the car is ready, it running (barely) and Rob is on the way to Las Vegas, 600 miles away. The festival is already running for two days with all kinds of LS-engine cars turning fuel and rubber into smoke and noise.

But here is the thing, if you are a famous youtuber and you put your plans online for everyone to see, the news will reach LS Fest organizers too and that is exactly what happened. So instead of him pranking some LS fans, the event organizers pulled a prank on him by seizing his car as soon as he arrived.

Just watch 👇

What are your thoughts on this build?

Is it sacrilege? Should more people experiment with weird swaps? Let me know in the comments 👇


Written by: Styp P