- The AddArmour RS7. Pic Source: Motor Authority.

This RS7 is James Bond Worthy

It is the fastest armoured car in the world.

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We all remember James Bond having a BMW 7 series in Tomorrow Never Dies, it had all the gadgets and gizmos, along with the ability to drive using your mobile phone. Well this RS7 is pretty damn close to being as equipped to that BMW.

...top speed of 202 mph and 0-60 of 2.9 secs...

Meet the AddArmour APR RS7, this car is built to protect you from bullets, explosions and reach a top speed of 202 mph. AddArmour is aWyoming based car builder. They claim that this car has only gained 200 pounds of weight. That 200 pounds is because AddArmour have a special polycarbonate composite rather than the usual ways of guard proofing a car.

The power under the bonnet is more to carry that added weight - now improved to 760 hp from 560 Hp, this was done with collaboration with APR, a well known Audi and VW tuner. With the added power it can reach 202 mph and AddArmour claim the car will do 0-60 sprint in 2.9 seconds. This car is as fast as a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Porsche GT3 RS, Mclaren 650s and a few more. This makes the AddArmour APR RS7 the fastest armoured car in the world.

AddArmour has added B4-level armouring - includes the Polycarbonate composite and ballistic glass. This level of armouring can stop gunfire from small arms firing 0.44 calibre bullets with ease. The optional B7-level armouring can stop big calibre rifles ammunition and armour piercing rounds. I would feel quite safe in this car.

As bullet proof as it gets. Pic Credits: Motor Authority

As bullet proof as it gets. Pic Credits: Motor Authority

This car will not let you down in the gadgets department either there is a small hatch in the centre console with little buttons that describe what you need. It also comes with shock handles, tear gas can be dispensed from on board canisters, frequency jammers and gas detectors that create a positive pressure seal in the car to protect you from poison gas. It also has 360 degree night vision cameras and run flat tyres from Pirelli that can run for 30 miles even after sustaining high powered rifle shots. I can say now this is one safe car that even James Bond will love. James Bond might like the price of this car too, at $205,000, one of the more affordable vehicles to the much more pricier Aston Martin. Do you think James Bond will enjoy this car? let me know in the comments.

The little gadgets slot in the car. Pic Credits: Motor Authority.

The little gadgets slot in the car. Pic Credits: Motor Authority.

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