This rusted and busted Toyota Camry has a ridiculous number plate bodykit

This Camry is certainly isn't your grandparents' car.

43w ago

When you think of commonly modified cars, the Toyota Camry might just be the last car on your list. With plenty of other, more interesting Toyotas one could make their own mark on – such as Celicas and Supras – modifying a Camry makes about as much sense as coating chicken in melted chocolate.

However, someone has, indeed, decided to turn a Camry to make what is one of the world's most boring – if incredibly reliable and sturdy – cars into one of the most unique I've certainly ever laid my own eyes upon.

This particular one – which is owned by Austin Ingram who you can find on Instagram here, and which also recently went viral on Reddit – has been modified in a very distinctive rat-rod-esque style that early Mighty Car Mods fans will recall from the similarly boring Mk3 Golf they modified in such a style in a popular video on how to get 'budget street cred'.

Gone is whatever paint the Camry once featured and instead it's been given a rust finish likely enhanced by a method MCM suggested in their tutorial such as by pouring beer on the bare sheet metal. As you can see in the shot above, the roof has also been cut out and things like the rear seats, parcel shelf, and rear window have been removed as well.

What's especially unique about this particular 'build' though is its numberplate body kit. Extended fender flares to cover its spaced-out wheels and a ducktail spoiler have been made out of old number plates from multiple states to give it a most unique patchwork look.

While it's clearly not going to be as safe and practical as it once was – given the roof, a structural component, has been cut out – it's safe to say that if some street cred on the cheap is what you're after, modifying a dirt-cheap car like this Camry in such a way will definitely get some heads turning though.

Let us know what you think though...

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Comments (16)

  • Thanks for the feature of my 96 Camry! Follow her progress on my instagram! @aingram16

      9 months ago
    • Hey Austin, cheers for commenting and letting me know it's yours! I've added a link to your Instagram and made mention that it's yours in the third paragraph!

        9 months ago
    • @Austin ingram I think it's an incredible objective to complete

        9 months ago
  • Bet the guy works in a scrap/junk yard however limited access to tools. The scrap cars metal will be recycled by weight so won’t have access to real car wings/fenders, the plates are the only things not recycled.

      10 months ago
  • I can appreciate the “rat rod” style but it looks like he/she is trying to achieve something they don’t have the funds for. Just my opinion

      10 months ago
    • Eh I have a new VW GLI a 08 grand cherokee and a old Dakota just bought this car for $200 with a tree on it in a field with this vision lol

        9 months ago
    • Wanna sell it I got you 400 for it right now

        9 months ago
  • First time to see someone used number plates as over fenders, very interesting.

      10 months ago
  • For the first time in my memory, I had an involuntary response when I saw the photo. Before I realized I was saying anything, I head these words come form my mouth... “Well bless their heart.” 😂

      9 months ago