This Shelby GT500 was sacrificed for your safety

    Warning: Some readers may find photos in this article disturbing, reader discretion is advised

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    Say you're in a car wreck (or even just a minor bump with reference back to Conversation Street) and the door is stuck closed, how can you get out without any external help? That's where firefighters come in - with their Jaws of Life.

    During the Dearborn Fire Department's training in Michigan, the car of choice is, let's say, a tad obscure. The usual cheap cars such as a Corolla or Fusion could be well on their radar, but instead, a 760hp Shelby GT500 with the painted stripes that cost an eye watering $11k and the $17k carbon fiber track pack has turned up for their dissection project. Only with no one trapped in danger inside of it.

    Before anyone goes report this post for its inappropriate content (because who really wants to see a GT500 in pieces apart from die-hard Camaro and Corvette fans), I must point out that this is not a purchasable production variant of the car, instead a donated pre-production model from Ford, used for stress testing in its earlier stages of life. So, if it will never go into the hands of customers, have lived an already above-averagely rough life within Ford's testing grounds, and is destined for the crusher, why not avoid the crushing step and donate it to a good cause for the safety of all instead?

    Oh, then to the crusher afterwards, of course, which is to make sure no pre-production parts end up in the hands of resellers and scrappers looking to turn a profit, even though we all know those carbon fiber wheels and wing could cost a fair amount.

    So this GT500 has spent its first half of its life being abused by Ford, then being sent off to firefighters to send it off in style, all in the name of safety for you and the driver. Cherish it. Appreciate it. Thank it.

    Now, the fire department will know exactly what to do, should a Rapid Red Shelby GT500 equipped with the painted Absolute Black Racing Stripe and the Carbon Fiber Track Pack shows up, this time with someone trapped inside in danger. No excuses now.

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