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This Singer 911 will cost more than your house

6d ago


S​eeing a 911 pop up for sale is pretty common. After all, the Porsche halo car has been around for over 50 years, and has seen numerous generations. However, this isn't just any ordinary 911. This is a Singer 911.

F​or all the people that think a normal 911 is just too mainstream, Singer is here to help! For quite a few years now, they have been taking normal 911s from all around, and turning them up a notch. Well, when I say a notch, it's more like 15 notches. Or maybe 16.

B​ut, seeing a Singer go up for sale is like seeing a German having a go with the word "Fun," or like seeing an Texan eat something we like to call "A Salad." What I mean is that if you see a Singer for sale, you might just want to jump on it, because they are very very rare.

Seeing a​ Singer 911 go up for sale is so rare in fact that this is the first one ever to be sold at a public auction. So remember what I said before, you'd better jump on it.

N​ow, more about the car. As with all Singers, it is based off of the 964 variant of the 911. It is called the Mountain View Car, and its main purpose is weight reduction. What this means then is that if you were expecting Rolls Royce quality, which I really hope you weren't, then this isn't the car for you.

W​eight-shedding was so important in fact that there is no sunroof, no air conditioning, no radio, no carpets, and not even fabric for the back of the rear seats. But unless you are the size of a petite cockroach, then there's no way your fitting back there anyway.

Singer has applied their 4.0L flat-six which is both air-cooled and fuel-injected. The engine itself can produce 390 HP, which will make dribble fall down anyone's trousers considering it weighs less than 3,000 pounds.

O​ther upgrades include Brembo brakes big enough to stop Buckingham Palace, a six-speed manual transmission, and sportier suspension of which includes stiffened dampers. Most of the body has been replaced with stronger and lighter carbon fiber which has been finished in a beautiful Downton Blue paired with Singer Racing Orange rims.

T​he interior has been modded as well. Inside we see Tobacco brown cloth draped over carbon bucket seats. The dash has been fiddled with as well, along with all of the gauges. If it were me, I would divorce the wife and sell my kids in order to wake up to that beautiful rev-counter every morning.

T​he odometer shows very low miles, proving that the man who owned it seemed to have a bit going on within his head. However, that is good news for us because whoever gets to drive this gem away will be able to drive what's basically a brand-new Singer.

Prices are expected to top off at about $1,000,000, which means that none of us can afford one. It is being auctioned at the Gooding and Company Pebble Beach Auction August 16-17, so you'd better take out a couple mortgages on you house, or just sell it completely.

A​s a Porsche fan, looking at a Singer is like a pretty woman looking back and inviting you back to her apartment for some wrestling. Just promise me you won't hurt it, because this is irreplaceable and she isn't.