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This Stunning 1 of 1 Manual LP640 Will Blow Your Mind

This LP640 finished in Arancio Atlas is believed to be the only one from 2009 and is up for Grabs.

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The MurciΓ©lago has always been an exceptional car, it made its debut at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show. This Flagship V12 was the successor to the Diablo and was much ahead in technology than the Diablo. Until 2006 the pre-LP cars were sold, the MurciΓ©lago LP640 made its debut at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, it was also offered as either a Gated Manual or an Automated Manual or Flappy Paddles as Jeremy Clarkson called them.

Credits - WeAreCurated

Credits - WeAreCurated

There are believed to be 26 Gated Manual US cars (LP640s) according to LamboPower.com although this is an import it is still believed to be the only one from 2009 that has a manual transmission. The LP640 got some changes such as new front bumper, redesigned rear bumper, new tail lights, the name tells the position of the engine, Longitudinale Posteriore or Rear Logitudinal and engine output of 640BHP (technically 631). They revised the engine, suspension, exhaust, increased the displacement to 6.5 litres.

This Stunning example with Carbon Ceramic brakes which were standard in 2009 models with two-tone orange on black interior, updated window switches with aluminium bezels which came on 2009s and SVs, with only about 13,000 miles is up for sale on WeAreCurated, the price is not disclosed but it will surely be north of $550,000. For more details visit wearecurated.com

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