This Tesla 'CyberCoupe' should be a thing!

The mix of low slung sportiness combined with modern design edges really does work!

37w ago

I have been writing on DRIVETRIBE for about a year now, and I have never hidden the fact that I am not a fan of Teslas. To me, it is a company that gets away with a premium image, despite having terrible quality, has brainwashed the population into the belief that electric cars are guilt-free, and has a habit of announcing cars that don't actually exist. (See also: Dany Bahar).

But, I think this would redeem the brand for me! I can already tell this would be a bundle of fun to drive!

Tesla's current batteries allow for fairly quick 0-60 times, and pretty good speed and grip, but stick some thin tyres on, and suddenly you have a car that can skid as well! Weight would be a problem, but maybe if I ask Elon nicely he can graft some of those lightweight SpaceX rocket materials onto the chassis and stop the car being a pendulum in the corners!

While the concept has very little in terms of traditional sports car curves, the proportions remind me of the Nissan 2000GT, with a little Pontiac Firebird Trans Am thrown in! And there is definitely some DeLorean in that shape! Plus, for the first time ever, this Tesla actually has goo looking wheels! One thing, though. Can someone tell Elon that he should throw a lighter ball at the window upon launch? This is a sports car after all!

Overall, I like it! I would much prefer this to the Tesla Roadster, and if Tesla really won't make it, I suppose we could flog the design to DMC?

The designer's page can be found here!

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