This Tesla Hearse Could Be Yours For $200,000

5w ago


On a typical scroll through the internet, one can find some rather strange stuff, but today on the internet, this Tesla Hearse may take the cake... (As long as you don't include everything on Reddit).

Found in the Norwegian classified ads is this gem of a car- A model S hearse conversion. Yes, this is, in fact, a Model S hearse conversion that is fully functional. Like any good hearse, this one fits your loved ones' caskets.

It was built by a Norwegian man who makes the president of Turkmenistan look perfectly normal. The man's name is Jan Eric Naley. Reportedly, this 50-year-old has built 4 Model S hearses and sold three of them privately..

Source: Jan Erik Naley

Naley began making EV hearses after a church in Norway made a special request for one and he has also converted multiple Mercedes and Caddilac SUV's into hearses.

Jan began by cutting the car in half, and extending it by 31 inches in order to accomodate a casket, then he delved into the interior, where the majority of the work was done. The walls are heavily padded, and there is a motorized wooden floor panel that can reposition the coffin, while on the outside, there's a raised roof, and elongated rear. The first Tesla hearse built was based off of the first generation Model S, and took two years to complete.

I don't know why there's a market for this, but it's nice to know that Tesla's can annoy car guys in life, and after death. Poetic, isn't it?

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