This Tesla Model 3 is a tribute to Dale Earnhardt

      It's a (Model) Three for Dale

      47w ago


      This is a Tesla Model 3 decked out in probably the most iconic NASCAR livery of all time: 'The Intimidator' Dale Earnhardt's Goodwrench livery that gave him the 'Man in Black' nickname. This may seem like a strange tribute for Dale, but it rivals the performance of his actual Chevy Lumina racecar. Plus, it's a Model 3 tribute to the number 3.


      The best part, though, is that the car is totally free. North Carolinian Dylan Sinnott got sponsors to cover the entire cost. All the sponsorship stickers are real sponsors that got behind the idea.

      This is a fantastic tribute to Dale Earnhardt for the modern age. And it could show something like the future for NASCAR. With the sport already going hybrid in the coming years, eventually Tesla may be a manufacturer in an all-electric series. That certainly won't happen for some time, though, if ever.

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      • No. Just no. You can’t just appropriate a deceased person’s image for your own personal goals like that. And it’s completely irrelevant. Had GM done something like this with the Volt, we would have cringed a little because of the electric cars and NASCAR combo (🤮) but it’s GM. They can do what they will with their own. But this? Some completely unrelated brand using the icons of his image? No. Disrespectful.

          10 months ago
        • Rednecks in 2020: "Quit appropriating muh culture!"

            10 months ago
        • 1) Tesla didn't do this, a private owner did. 2) The guy wanted his car to be a tribute to a racing legend and you accuse him of being disrespectful. So... who or what is irrelevant?

            10 months ago
      • Yah, yah. That’s right. NASCAR fans really want electric cars...

          11 months ago
        • One day NASCAR will be electric. Mark my words

            11 months ago
        • Oh, it's a given. NASCAR is already talking about the possibility of going hybrid by 2022.

            10 months ago
      • Tesla needs to stop kissing a**

          10 months ago
      • Cashing in on a Dead man. Nice tires.

          10 months ago
      • How dare they put Dale Earnhardt’s #3 paint scheme on a $&@:/? Tesla.

          10 months ago


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