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This ultra-rare BMW M1 can be yours for the price of two modern day supercars

The M-car that started it all is a thing of rarity, this low-mileage all-original example can be yours for a whole chunk of cash

3y ago

There are many ways to spend $658,000 (£504,000) on cars; you could, for instance, buy yourself the formidable pairing of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a new McLaren 720S which would bring a lot of bang for your money. Or you could do things another way and take the connoisseur’s route and buy yourself the M Division special that started it all, the BMW M1.



Despite the fact that the M1 ‘only’ has a straight-six motor under the bonnet, there is no doubt it’s a bonafide supercar. For starters, it’s blessed with those bonkers, and very pretty Giugiaro looks along with that high-revving motor. When it was first unleashed upon the world, it was all a bit insane and unexplored territory.

In 1981 the M1 E26 produced 277hp from its six-cylinder 3453cc motor, this meant it could run from 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds running onto a top speed of 164mph which is still quick even by modern standards, but in 1981 it was blisteringly quick.



This immaculate is BMW M1 finished in dark blue has only covered 8,000 miles since it rolled out of Munich in 1981. Having been owned by one very lucky car journalist who was personally invited by BMW to purchase the it back in the day.

Through its long life this M1 has followed its one owner around the world before ending up in Miami, everything that was included with the car from new such as the luggage set and toolkit. Everything about this M1 is original, in that it’s never been restored and is all exactly as it left the factory 36 years ago.

One statement that might seem a bit unbelievable is “Never abused, completely original and only 13,000 km.” But if there is one thing I know from being a car writer, we are more than happy to abuse (read as spirited driving) other people’s cars, but never our own of course.

The listing for this slice of M Division history can be found here.

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  • The M1 is my favorite BMW.

      3 years ago