This V10 Formula 1 Engine Can Be Yours For Surprisingly Small Amount Of $$$

This could definitely up the wow factor on your next engine swap

3y ago

In the world of F1 there are very few constants however, one rising to the top is the fact that anything that has to do with Formula 1 is ruinously expensive. The cars, the drivers, every little part is expensive enough to make us normal folk cry. Example, Sebastian Vettel famously retired from the Japanese Grand Prix due to a faulty spark plug. You can run down to your local autoparts store and pick up a spark plug for under $10, the plug in Vettel's Ferrari costs nearly $80. Nothing in F1 is cheap which brings me to this curious listing on

The item for sale is a V10 Mugen-Honda MF-351 used in Formula 1 in 1993/94. That is an honest to goodness howling V10 from one of F1's most glorious eras. Literally every F1 fan has been begging for the sport to return to the V10 era and now you, joe nobody can buy this engine for €10,000 ($11,826) Sure that is a lot of coin to drop on an engine, but this is an F1 engine from the best sounding era in the sport's history. Surly these engines must be more expensive than this.

The listing is as tempting as it is vague. There are next to no details on the engine, or any of the components that come with purchase of the engine. So proceed with caution, it could be missing parts that could drive the price up. But at the end of the day we are looking at a V10 F1 engine for sale for less than $12K. If you are an enterprising builder of cars and you are looking to put something a bit different into your next build, I implore you on behalf of literally everyone, please consider this engine!!

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Comments (31)

  • Put a toughened glass top on it and you'll have the best coffee table - in the world ....

      3 years ago
  • Make a nice Coffee Table for the Man Cave

      3 years ago
  • Too cool, if you think about it, I bet there are hundreds of complete or near complete F1 or even Indy car engines that are in a corner or on a shelf collecting dust waiting for the recycling bin. Sure not all would be suitable for a street car but I would think some could modified to play nice for a weekend play thing.

      3 years ago
  • Doesn't mention anything about "Vtec yo"..... Think I'll pass..

      3 years ago
  • Way too cheap. Buyer beware!! Drag racing engines... for instance a 1000 hp N/A Pro stock engine costs more than $100,000 dollars, but... and there is a BIG but, a pro stock engine is serviceable and has a vast market of “off the shelf parts”. You may buy a MF-351 V10 for just over £10000. You’ll quickly spend £40000 + keeping it running over a period of time. It’s most definitely well past it’s shelf life! I’d run the other way. Just saying...

      3 years ago
    • I agree. Even if you can afford it & are in the market for this engine type to me the price is a big red flag

        3 years ago