This V8 BMW Z4 is the coolest car on sale right now

22w ago


Updated 17.12.18 to correct the engine size to 4.4 litres.

The BMW Z4 doesn't usually get us particularly hot under the collar. It's more of a laid-back tourer than a sports car, with a bevy of four and six-cylinder engines tuned for effortless cruising rather than redline chasing, vein-popping adrenaline-fuelled drives at 6am.

But one version of the Z4 has long been in my top 10 cars of all time – in terms of both sound, style and all-out visual aggression. And thanks to Silverstone Auctions, you can buy this beast in January.

What is it?

Excuse me, I need a bit of a lie down.

Erm, well it's not a road car. Don't let that put you off – it's a BMW Z4 GT3. That means it has the a fire-breathing naturally aspirated 4.4-litre V8, with an ECU tweak to give it over 500bhp at approximately one billionty rpm. It also looks ever-so-slightly more aggressive, with an all-carbon-fibre bodykit that's wider than most race circuits.

Oof. This is a Z4 with hairs on its chest.

This particular car was built in 2010 by BMW Motorsport (who will still provide support and spares should you buy it), and qualified on pole for the 2011 Spa 24 hours for Marc VDS Racing.


It went on to win the Silverstone 3 Hours and Magny-Cours 3 Hours the same year – so it has proper racing pedigree. The Z4 GT3 was also a regular sight at the Nurburgring 24 Hours race, where I once saw one driving along the public road.

I was walking to grab a pizza before the 2014 Nurburgring 24 hours race and this little lot rumbled by on the public road

Silverstone Auctions suggests an estimate of £120,000-140,000 for this gorgeous piece of motorsport history, and in my humble opinion it's more than worth it just to have a loud, brash V8-powered slice of BMW history in the garage.

Oh. Did we mention the noise this thing makes? Stick your headphones in and watch this. Then go and buy it.