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This vehicle has been the talk of the town in kenya, my town at least. So this Defender 110 was booked by a customer for a test drive. Then when the customer was was fueling, there was a mix up at the fueling station and the sweet sweet defender was filled up with diesel, instead of petrol. The vehicle immediately went into limp mode(safe mode) to prevent damage to the engine. And was put on a flat bed and taken to inchcape kenya (a specialist and dealer in jaguar land rover) for the wrong fuel to be drained and errors cleared. Nowadays, with vehicles becoming more advanced and sophisticated, we more often run into situations where a misfueled vehicle will go into “limp mode” where the engine will not rev above a certain amount (usually 2,000 or 3,000 RPM).

This is the computer in the vehicle not clearly understanding what the problem is and deciding that the best thing to do would be to not drive it. Limp mode allows you to move the vehicle off of a busy street, or sometimes get to a local garage, so that the problem can be diagnosed and fixed.

If a vehicle has been misfueled and run on the contaminated fuel it will often go into limp mode. Once the fuel drain is done and all the lines have been cleaned you will often be able to reset the limp mode by leaving the vehicle off for a while. This can reset the sensors and central computer. However, there are some makes and models where this doesn’t happen. In these cases it is necessary to plug the vehicle into a diagnostic machine and have the fault codes read and cleared.

Fortunately, all Fuel Fixer fuel technicians carry these tool and are able to reset any codes that arise as a result of misfueling.

So, if you have misfueled your car and it has gone into limp mode call Fuel Fixer. We get you going again fast!

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