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This very strange Honda Aerocivic almost does 100 mpg

Caricatural but frugal

3w ago

In the vicinity of Hazelton, Pennsylvania, youtuber Jay Drone encountered the Honda Aerocivic. The only one of its kind in the world, this strange machine's sole purpose is to break fuel consumption records, mainly by using its extraordinary aerodynamics.

Based on a 1992 Honda Civic, the vehicle has been fitted with a whole host of specific devices designed to split the air. For example, the entire body gains turbulence-limiting skirts along the sides, while the wheels are completely covered to facilitate airflow.

The mirrors have been moved straight into the cabin and the underbody has been significantly modified. The rear of the car has been given a huge piece that considerably lengthens the Japanese compact car. The whole thing is inspired by the German cars of the 1930s with their ultra-aerodynamic, teardrop-shaped bodywork.

All these radical changes necessarily lead to a record drag coefficient of 0.17! This figure then allows for an equally impressive fuel economy of 95 US mpg (2.5l/100km). Not bad at all for a petrol car without any kind of hybrid system!

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