This VW Amarok Ad got Banned for The Most Ironic Reason

45w ago


Remember when the boys wanted to make an ad for diesel powered Scirocco, only to be met with facepalms from the VW marketing department? Turns out, you are not allowed to show fast or reckless driving in the promotional video because it might encourage others to do the same.

Well, that's interesting because V-Dub wanted to show all the might and power of their new V6 diesel Amarok, without breaking any of those rules.

The frankly brilliant idea was to show the behind the scenes of a reckless video, with a Michael-Bay-Clarkson-kind-of director lusting over the power and explosions, but none of it gets in the ad because lawywes are warning him about each scene.

It's a clever and funny ad, with a great tagline "Too Powerful for TV" which even earned VW praise from the TV industry and won the coveted ‘Ad of the Month' trophy (if such thing exists).

TooPowerfulForTV.com proved to be true

Unfortunately, if you just talk about the exciting and frankly dangerous things your car can do, and make it obvious that for legal reasons you simply can't show it, it will still get flagged.

The board complained that the ad “could encourage dangerous overtaking actions,” and it was “irresponsible advertising taken by Volkswagen.” That one scene where a toy-model Amarok is overtaking a pair of road trains really stirred the waters as it depicts “driving which is reckless and would breach road rules.”

So what do you do when you have the torquiest pickup truck on sale, but can't show it? No really, let me know in the comments.

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