This VW Beach Bomb Hot Wheel model is allegedly worth $150,000

And I thought my 1 of 100 Mazda RX-8 police cars was rare

12w ago

Mr Bruce Pascal was only seven when Hot Wheels hit the stores in 1968. That, however, wasn't the beginning of the story because Pascal said that it all started when a friend attempted to buy one of his models for $200.

"I declined and held onto it," Pascal said. "But the offer made me start researching the value of Hot Wheels". He began actively looking for old and rare models as well as memorabilia like blueprints and original drawings. He eventually found the model you see here, a Volkswagen Beach Bomb, and he acquired it. The original prototypes had surfboards out the back window, where the redesigned model, the one was actually put into production, didn't, and that's what makes it rare and valuable.

“I already had heard about [the Beach Bomb] in purple, green, red, light blue and gold. I even had heard about an unpainted model,” Pascal said. "But pink was extremely hard to find". He eventually found two, purchased both and then gave one away to a friend.

Pascal now owns over 4,000 Hot Wheels models and 3,000 pieces of memorabilia and even though this particular piece is by far the most valuable, his collection lives in a museum in Maryland, where he even gives private tours to Hot Wheels enthusiasts.

"I won’t say how much I purchased it for,” he said. "But it is worth an estimated $150,000 today.” Good on him.

What is the most valuable/expensive car-themed item you own?

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Comments (16)

  • Wow! I just found an original set of Pokémon cards in my closet, and apparently they can be worth around $20,000. It's crazy how the smallest things can be worth so much, and usually we never expect it.

      2 months ago
    • if there's a market, then there are collectors. And if there are collectors, anything can be valuable ;)

        2 months ago
  • I have a Vette, still in package at my sister's in storage, that is worth 150 last time I checked. That was over a decade ago. I need to pull it out and check again. Haven't even seen it in years.

    I have a few other collectables but not sure they are worth more than $10 each.

      2 months ago
  • Bru the most valuable one I have is a white porsche 917 gulf LH long tail

      2 months ago
  • My most expensive hot wheels is a light blue olds 442 with the stickers still attached from 1970. The olds 442 was a rare car anyways as it was produced in limited numbers only in America. That and the light blue is a bit rarer of a color. Estimates put it around $1500. Somehow it was the only car my dad didn't destroy as a kid so its in good condition.

      2 months ago
  • Ive got a white Porsche 934.5, blue and orange 917LH, a '73 BMW 3.0 CSL race car, and a '71 911

      2 months ago