This VW Beetle has Italian and American flair in it

This was a project jointly undertaken by VW, Porsche, Chevrolet, Studebaker and Ford.

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It's called the Das Rod and it's unlike anything you'd have seen or heard, until now. This convertible bug takes elements from the Camaro, a Studebaker model, Ford and the heart transplanted from a Porsche. Despite looking not at all hackneyed, it was sold for peanuts at an auction.

When several garages spent a cumulative of 1000 hours in a time span of 5 years, this is what ensued. Such was its appearance that it even made it to the 2015 Grand National Roadster Show.

But how did it get its visual splendor? Well, the clamshell and chassis of the Beetle were fused with front axle and spindles from Ford, the brake discs from the Camaro and hinges for the suicide doors to swing from a Studebaker. Despite its eclectic borrowing of parts, view it from a distance and it can be easily recognised as a modified VW Beetle. I personally am a fan of the Jaguar E-Type like wheels and the long side-spitting exhaust pipes. The taillights seem to be taken from the second generation Beetle. To add a tinch of humour, the makers have also written 'DAS ROD' on the number plate.

Though it doesn't make contemporary sports car output, the 1.8-litre Porsche 914 engine produces close to 150 hp which is channeled to the wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. When was the last time you saw a car with a 4-speed manual transmission? It makes generous horsepower to seat 4 in comfort in this rotund and fat shell that was launched in the '30s era.

When you discover an object so rare and quaint that has left behind an illustrous history, it can be rightfully called a relic. Such icons generally go under the hammer for no lesser than 100,000 USD. This amount also acts as the reward for the dedication of those who were on the project which was there. If the article is in immaculate condition, the value surges even more. And looking at it, we can certainly admit that there was nothing shoddy or worn out. Despite all its strengths, the car was sold for a bid of just USD 26,000. This is a measly amount which can buy you an executive sedan in the US and it's more than probable that the amount spent on its construction would be higher than the gain. Poor thing!


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  • Sold for about the right money I think

      15 days ago