This VW Scirocco R comes with a stunning yet unusual set of wheels

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Style never goes out of fashion, even though some stylish products periodically do. Take the VW Scirocco for instance. Even though the car had its production run end in 2017, aftermarket tuners are still offering certain befitting and stylish mods for it, to this day. The latest and a rather unusual one to really up the style quotient comes from the Swiss Alps.

CorSpeed, a Swiss company that specialises in offering sporty yet lightweight alloy wheel designs has incorporated their latest five twin-spoked Kharma wheels on this Scirocco R, and it looks quite tasteful. But which side of this Scirocco do you fancy?

That’s no editing wizardry. This VW Scirocco R really comes with two distinct coloured rims for each side. Even though both feature the same asymmetrical star-spangled Kharma design, the right ones are finished in ‘Higloss-Bronze Brushed’ while the left ones get the ‘Silver Brushed’ treatment. Add the lowered suspension set up, courtesy of KW, to the mix, and you’re looking at a Scirocco with a feisty stance.

No further modifications have been made on this Scirocco R, and that speaks volumes for the design of this decade-year-old car. It still looks spectacular. Power figures for the Golf’s now-defunct-yet-stylish cousin rack up at 265hp and 350Nm of torques.

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  • Wheels have become for cars, what exhaust pipes (cans) have done for motorbikes. You take off a perfectly serviceable set and put a much more expensive set in their place. There's a whole lot of hype about this and that improvement, such and such wheels will make, but engineering is about compromises and your wide, skinny-tyred skeletally designed new wheels take away one set of limitations and replace them with another. Invariably, the ride quality drops through the floor, grip in the dry goes up, wet grip (especially in heavy rain) gets far worse and fuel consumption rises (because, physics). Your 'personalised', 'customised' car is worth no more with these expensive wheels fitted and in many cases you have to advertise it as having the correct wheels accompanying it, in order not to get less than the market price. The odd thing is that it's actually 'engineering as fashion'. When I was young, spoked wheels had pretty much entirely been overtaken by steel wheels. They were much stronger, no spokes to break or constantly adjust and cheaper to make. They were not very pretty though, so chromium plated dressings were fitted to them. Outer rims, inner hubcaps or something that covered the whole surface. Cooling fins and designs were incorporated to help cool the brakes and nobody ever got their wheels covered with brake dust. Then alloy wheels were introduced on sporty cars, to match rally cars and racing cars, but even then they were substantial things. We've gone the whole circle these days, with alloy wheels that look like spoked wheels with styled spokes. You can see all the gubbins behind them and they go from clean to claggy after the shortest of journeys as brake dust clings to them in an unattractive , sooty mess. The latest wheels now have gone back to wheel trims, beitall on alloy wheels out of sight, to claw back the aerodynamics that the old pressed steel wheels lost when we went to open alloys. I know almost everyone gets all wet and soppy about these stupid wheels, but They, Are, Just, The , Wheels! It's like those little wings we used to clip to our wiper arms, or moulded plastic rear window blinds, or jacked-up rear leaf-springs. Just fashion, just marketing whims. Like Push-Pops (still sold, but in vastly smaller numbers). Enjoy spending your hard earned, but with your eyes wide open. Your purchase is just for you. Nobody else will appreciate it or want to pay extra to share it... might even pay less to cover the cost of turning it back to normal. Enjoy!

      9 months ago
  • That caption below the heading though 😂

      9 months ago
  • Ngl i prefer the Golf😰

      9 months ago
  • Really wished these came to North America. I like them more than the golf.

      9 months ago
  • I love it but especially the right

      9 months ago