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T​his Was The First Flying Car Ever Made

H​ow the Aerocar took to the skies

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R​ember when you were a kid?

D​o you remember all the far-fetched promises of flying cars and undersea cities?

A​nd do you remember the disappointment that you felt when it all failed?

W​elll back in 1946 when James May was a little old girl some guy names Moulton Taylor decided that enough was enough. We had just killed the worlds most notorious mass murderer, and in his view the world deserved a little bit of fun. So he decided to connect the car to the transportation of the future; the plane.

T​aylor's design was interesting at best, because the aero car when in ground mode looked a bit like a pre-historic smart car. However, this pales to how it looked when it was towing around it's plane attachments. Because, the way the car flew was at best unique. The driver would have to tow around: the wings, the tail, and the propellers. All of which cumulated to this rather amusing spectacle.



H​owever, after the driver had faffed about a bit; they ended up with a plane. Because, while the Aerocar looked truly ridiculous when towing all of it's attachments, it actually looked fairly cool when it was in flight mode. The experience continued when at 75 miles an hour the pre-historic smart car was thrusted into the 28th century.

I​t flew!

T​his dingy little car could hit 117 MPH in the air and go 300 miles. Why is it that more than 60 years ago a car was created that flew!! No computers no nothing, just engineering.

W​hy must all our dreams be tossed?


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  • I cannot imagine allowing today’s drivers to take to the skies.

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago