This was the most powerful car you could buy new in 1998

    A closer look at the Aston Martin Vantage V600

    5d ago


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    The famous supercars of the '90s like the McLaren F1 and Jaguar XJ220 always get the limelight, but this Aston Martin was once top of the new-car power tree back in 1998. The Aston Martin Vantage V600 is a twin-supercharged brute that deserves its place in '90s supercar royalty.


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    Comments (13)

    • I liked this car until I drove one in Gran Turismo 2

      What a disapointment it was

      It's a good collection of numbers

      It's an impressive car to look at

      It's horrible to drive fast

        5 days ago
      • Yup, I made the mistake of dropping nearly 300k on it in GT4. Horrible understeer. But given that I know the infinite money trick, it wasn't a big set-bakc

          1 day ago
    • You don't see a TWIN SUPERCHARGED car(especially from the factory) very often!

      This one is just so underrated!

        1 day ago
    • The Dodge Hennessy Venom 800R made 700 horsepower in 1998.

        5 days ago
      • Yes but the Hennessy was a normal viper taken to a performance shop, not a factory car

          2 days ago
    • I've actually found one for sale

        5 days ago
    • 1998.

      I was putting cans and bottles of beer into acrylic, then fitting a bottle opener to them.

      As for performance cars of the 1990s, there really was only one.

        5 days ago


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