This watch takes its inspiration... from the Titanic

And it's relatively inexpensive

Kickstarter can be full of terrible ideas sometimes but you do find the occasional gem. This particular watch, for example, is specifically designed as a tribute to the Titanic, coming in with a rusty rotor as well as a rusty dial.

The movement is a Swiss-made, automatic-winding Sellita and the price is actually decent, around 2,500 Hong Kong Dollars, equivalent to around $320.

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Comments (9)

  • Careful reaching into the ice chest

      6 days ago
  • Can I suggest that anyone who has an interest in Titanic and a reasonably powerful gaming PC checks out "Titanic Honour & Glory"?

    This is a PC game in development set aboard Titanic where you play a character solving a murder mystery within that very well known deadline.

    Thing is. The developers decided that if you're going to set a game on The Titanic, then set it aboard The Titanic. So the focus is actually building the most accurate Unreal Engine powered model of a historical object so far.

    They have free to download demos available now, and if your machine is powerful enough to handle it, the detail is simply astonishing, and apparently accurate to the centimetre!

      9 days ago
  • It’s kinda cool and I like it, but the rustic color scheme (various shades of brown) is not in vogue at the moment.

      9 days ago
  • I would have wanted to buy that back when I was late teens-early 20's showing my age mid 1990's 😂😂 I always wore Eddie Bauer and similar earth tone clothes and would have loved that watch. 😁

      9 days ago
  • I love the design, but it is quite pricy and I would prefer it if it didn't have the titanic conection

      2 days ago