This week's eBay two-stroke gems

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3y ago

Who doesn't like to do a bit of virtual eBay shopping now and again?

We've found some lovely two-strokes from the 80s and 90s and here's some of our favourites

'92 Suzuki RGV250

This is my personal favourite colour scheme on my favourite 250 two-stroke. This VJ22 model has just been imported from Japan and has 37,000km on the clocks. The auction is currently at £4,000 with three days left to run. One to watch.

'91 Honda NSR250 SP

Surely the nicest NSR250 for sale at the moment? This MC21 SP model comes complete with magnesium wheels, Pentax livery and just 14,500 miles on the clock. It's for sale for a fixed price of £9,199

'86 Suzuki RG500

Wow! This RG is absolutely stunning! One previous owner and a genuine UK bike with just 5,000 miles on the clocks.

It certainly won't go cheap as there's 6 days remaining on the auction and the price is already up to £14,600!

'96 Honda RS250 race bike

This rare Honda RS250 is open to offers at £11,000 with a box of spares including magnesium wheels.

'91 Kawasaki KR-1S

This early 250cc KR-1S is available in the rare blue/black scheme at £5,250ono. It's also an official UK bike and won Practical Sportsbike Magazine's bike of the 90's award.

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  • gotta love a 2 stroke.

    tzr 250rc,

    rd 500

    bimoto v due 500.

    the list is endless.

    more please.👍👍👍

      3 years ago