This week's Lego F1 car might be the sport's most recognizable car ever

The Lotus 72 was years ahead of its rivals, and is today one of F1's most iconic designs. Now you can build yours! #Lego #Formula1 #classic-car

3y ago

When it was introduced in 1970, the Lotus 72 caused a stir. It was innovative in so many areas, pushing the F1 game so much more forward than any of its rivals had anticipated: inboard brakes, side-mounted radiators, overhead air intake, remarkably thin profile... The 72 undoutably marked a brand new era for Formula 1, and many of its innovations can still be found in today's cars.

It was also a gorgeous car, a fact that was made even clearer by the adoption of the first (and perhaps best) of JPS' famous black and gold sponsorship livery.

Add to that one of the best track record in F1 history with 20 victories, three constructors' and two drivers' championships, and it's hard to not consider the Lotus 72 for the top spot in F1's most iconic cars. Not surprising then that it took nearly half the votes when it came to deciding which car I was going to build this week!

The very thin wedge shape was a challenge to make, but I hope it came out alright! I'll post instructions on this tribe in the coming days, as usual.

And of course, you can vote for next week's car! The 1979 Renault RS10, the first turbo F1 winner, came up in second place last time, will it take the cake this week?

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